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Corporate disclosure and brokerage event information you can trust, integrated with other leading market data through Eikon.

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We provide information and insight into public company corporate disclosures and brokerage events, bringing together conference call and webcast details, transcripts, call summaries, and company issued guidance.

As the largest provider of corporate, institutional and proprietary event content, we offer extensive coverage of events for over 25,000 public companies and 100 sell-side firms.

Access events coverage via Eikon

With Thomson Reuters Eikon, you get easy access to trusted news, data, and analytics, all filtered by relevance to your exact needs.

Integrated events

Events content in Eikon is integrated with other leading market company data to ensure that you get the full picture when you are analyzing or researching a company.

Powerful search

The advanced events search app within Eikon provides you with the information you need in a single searchable view.

Search for company events across earnings and corporate events (formerly in our StreetEvents product), dividends, institutional events such as analyst meetings and roadshows, transactions and corporate actions.

View a calendar of forthcoming company events and search across past events including transcripts, briefs, audio and presentations.

More insight with qualitative guidance

Our market-leading company-issued guidance content allows you to review and download both qualitative and quantitative company expectations from press releases and conference call transcripts and view a complete record of guidance revisions for a particular company.  

Stay informed, wherever you are

Don’t miss important information related to companies you are watching. Alerting allows you to be notified of new/upcoming events, event schedules, brief and transcripts schedules and availability of published briefs and transcripts.

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Company Events Coverage

Trusted company research and event information

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