Ownership and Profiles

Perform detailed ‘who owns what’ company analysis for public equities with the most comprehensive global share ownership and profiles data in the industry.

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We offer detailed holdings information for listed equities plus intelligence on investment managers, securities firms and their key decision makers with a range of delivery options, from desktop solutions to data feeds.

Over 30 years’ collection experience guarantees the highest quality standards, plus the commitment to extend coverage and drive innovation.

Content and features

Global coverage

With holdings worth approximately US$49 trillion across more than 70,000 securities in 70+ markets, we offer unrivaled insight into the ownership structure of equities globally.

Depth of history

The deepest history from any vendor, with 30+ years of US 13F data and nearly 20 years of global shareholding content. For Insiders, we offer US history to 1986, Canadian to 2003 and UK Directors to 1997.


For over 30 years we have developed strong links with investment firms, registrars, local stock exchanges and regulatory authorities. These essential relationships provide timely and accurate content.

Detailed local content

To complement our broad global coverage we offer specialist local insight, such as UK Share Register content and Japanese Detailed Shareholdings.

Markets and industries

Investment banking research and advisory

Use Ownership and Profiles to understand the ownership structure of companies and identify target investors for IPOs and secondary offerings.

Asset management

Use Ownership and Profiles to gain insight into competitor activity and understand investment flows across sectors and regions.


Use Ownership and Profiles to understand the ownership of listed equities and identify the key players at global investment and securities firms.

Ownership and Profiles

Detailed who-owns-what company analysis

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