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Islamic banking technology solutions

Islamic Finance

Technology solutions that connect you with the latest Islamic banking & finance news, sectors and asset classes, and over 250,000 market players around the globe.

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World’s most trusted source for Islamic finance information

We develop, maintain and upgrade online content and platforms that are considered the go-to sources for the Islamic banking & finance community worldwide.

With cutting-edge technology solutions, we offer comprehensive tools, functions and solutions within the Islamic economy. We extend our technological capabilities further by supporting our clients in creating their own Islamic economy portals, as well as providing them with content and data that is only available to Thomson Reuters.

Deep & consistent global economic data coverage powered by Datastream (1:52)

Platform and desktop terminals

A matchless depth and breadth of market data, serving financial institutions and professionals around the world through our sophisticated products and services.


Eikon offers accessibility to a growing community of business professionals interested in Islamic banking and finance – from understanding the broader macro-economic environment, to comparing the performance of Shariah-compliant asset classes and instruments to conduct the necessary Shariah-compliance verifications and legal requirements.

Through dedicated Islamic Finance applications within Ekon, professionals can gain insider access to the world of Islamic finance and conduct their business in a time-efficient manner that complies with Shariah laws, standards and regulations.

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Islamic Finance Indices

With our class-leading transaction applications, Islamic finance transactions – whether in interbank, fixed income or the equities markets – are just a click away.

The power of a transaction community of 18,000 professionals, including a large group of Islamic finance professionals, is accessible within a couple of steps. Our customers utilize our platforms to transact Shariah-compliant equities and specific Islamic financial instruments, such as commodity Murabaha, Wakala, Mudaraba and Sukuk.

Islamic finance gateway community

Our Islamic finance community services is a dedicated knowledge gateway for professionals from across different countries and regions, allowing them to converge and interact on industry issues that matter and generate actionable outcomes to shape and speed up the industry’s growth.

IFG Community is the place where market professionals obtain reliable information, and discuss breaking news, industry issues and the latest research.

Custom technology solutions

Our Islamic Finance has proven to be a leader in creating Islamic finance and Islamic economy content, from development of specific asset class content to market data-driven digital portals, that incorporate data integration and enhancements for in-house or third party products.

Customized content portals

Inception, development and maintenance of customized databases and portals, housing intelligent information regarding the Islamic economy and beyond.

Islamic Economy Portal - Salaam Gateway

The Salaam Gateway is the global reference for industry intelligence, news, information, and data needed by Islamic Economy professionals to advance their businesses and fuel their innovations. The portal was created by Thomson Reuters to serve the mandate of the Government of Dubai to become the capital of the Islamic Economy.

The portal comprises of an extensive database of Islamic Economy companies from across the globe, as well as provides insights and intelligence shared by Islamic Economy experts, analysts, and industry thought leaders. Subsequently, a spin-off product, MySalaam, was launched, targeting the retail consumers that covers fashion, food, travel, culture, entertainment and personalities that impact the lifestyles of young Muslims around the world.

Data & information technology platforms

Islamic banking online content and platforms

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