Corporate Governance Intelligence – shareholder activism

Corporate Governance Intelligence

Analyze the entire shareholder activism story, from formal proxy fights launched to company-specific defense tactics.

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Thomson Reuters Corporate Governance Intelligence combines environmental, social and governance (ESG) data with deep coverage of over 3,400 shareholder activism campaigns. 

You can monitor the daily activity of all shareholder activist investors with detailed ownership profiles and historical shareholder activism campaigns dating back to the 1990s.

Also, analyze comprehensive takeover defense provisions from over 10,000 companies globally, featuring detailed defense structures, hostile takeover strategies and dissident shareholder activity.

The corporate governance offering includes comprehensive coverage of over 12,100 poison pill events since the 1980s.

Content and features

In-depth shareholder activism market insights

Shareholder activism Intelligence covers dissident shareholder activity for all shareholder activists, ranging from public announcements and proposals, to formal proxy fights launched.

The data set is global in coverage and linked to other asset classes (M&A, Ownership, Corporate Events, Officers & Directors) for a comprehensive view of the deal making landscape.

Extensive shareholder activist, company and campaign histories

View and monitor recent and historical shareholder activism campaigns against public companies in the market with detailed data points to capture a comprehensive picture of activity.

Our new market overview pages provide you with intuitive, dynamic and flexible filtering options to monitor global activity, with the ability to identify trends and gain insights into your competitive positioning.

Takeover defense insights and monitoring capabilities

Quickly access company-specific defense profiles from the most recent annual filings, including takeover defense provisions, voting policy and board structure details.

View comparisons for defense provisions, voting policy and board structure across all industries and against peer groups, including the ability to graph comparisons and download comprehensive data sets to conduct extensive analysis.

Screening and analysis

Create advanced analysis reports with target company screening across 40 different takeover defense provisions and the ability to cross-reference multiple databases: ESG, IBES Estimates, Fundamentals, Price & Volume, etc.


Create 13D, 20-F, Proxy and other governance-related alerts to notify when a company has filed with the SEC, as well as sophisticated global shareholder activism-specific news alerts. Receive the notices in real-time or schedule delivery based on your own personal preference.

Markets and industries

Investment banking

The analytical tools and exclusive content and insights the deal making community needs at every stage of their workflow. Identify new opportunities and gain deep understanding of markets, industries, companies and events.

Corporate Governance Intelligence

For an entire shareholder activism story

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