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Tools to develop differentiated strategies that consistently deliver alpha

Many of the world’s leading hedge funds and start-up funds turn to Thomson Reuters.

Nobody can compete with our depth and breadth of content and analytics — which makes all the difference when it comes to differentiating your strategies for discretionary trading.

Our global, deep prices and trade execution capabilities enable you to get trades done, at the best price. We deliver solutions that help mitigate risk exposure to FX and interest rates, liquidity and portfolio concentration, as well as meet regulatory requirements. 

Thomson Reuters Eikon

Thomson Reuters Eikon puts you at the centre of today’s financial markets, giving you instant access to the news, information and analytics that inform critical decisions – and to the tools that enable transactions and connect communities of traders and investors. Filter and display information to suit your workflow, and connect instantly with the broader financial community. Seamlessly link your pre- and post-trade workflows.

All this enables you to uncover deep insights and new ideas. You can access new, deep liquidity pools and execute trades confidently. You can manage compliance and proactively mitigate risk. It drives faster and smarter performance – and stronger profits


Real-time, intraday and reference data to power your internal transactional, positional and analytical applications

The market looks to Elektron for proven speed and data integrity. On-demand access to real-time feeds, tick history and machine readable news through a single connection. 

Real-time, intraday and end-of-day data feeds to power your internal applications

Feed your position-keeping and valuations with real-time, intraday and end-of-day cross-asset data from exchanges and OTC markets, plus benchmarks content and reference data. Integrate easily with your leading EMS, OMS and PMS partners.

Intraday and end-of-day feeds, reference data and corporate actions

The breadth and depth of our reference, real-time and historical market data is second to none, covering global equities, commodities & energy, fixed income, foreign exchange and money markets. Information includes reference data for all the major markets and instrument types (over 5.1 million live records), 450 markets and seven million active quote records across different asset classes, 162 spot prices and cross-rates for over 1,500 currency pairs, over 90 forward prices for currencies vs. the US dollar, and time series snapped daily post market-close with 70 million price points.

Real-time feeds

Connect to full depth-of-market coverage, thousands of exchanges and OTC-traded markets, with features including millisecond timestamps, short sale indicators and auction data.

Choose a feed that best suits your delivery and requirements. There are consistent field identifiers across all venues and we normalize all the exchange-driven changes for every venue.


Hedge Fund Solutions

Driving discretionary trading strategies

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