Stock ownership and profile data


StreetSight stock ownership and profile content offers you the industry standard buy-side targeting tools.

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StreetSight stock ownership and profile data is built on the content assets of such well-known names as CDA Spectrum, Technimetrics, Nelson, Carson, and Computershare.

Get broad, deep and accurate global coverage, with over 147,000 global contacts, detailed profiles of more than 17,000 institutions, and covering in excess of 50,000 funds.

As a sales, trading or research professional, you can better position yourself and your ideas to the buy-side with StreetSight. Prioritize your client and prospect calls efficiently, maximize order flow, and target institutions and institutional contacts effectively.

Content and features

Account coverage assignment

Assign coverage to accounts at an institutional or fund level. Define unlimited primary and secondary account responsibilities across three functional levels (sales, trading and research).

Stock contacts

Identify contacts that would have potential interest in stock specific ideas.

Focus list

Generate a list of holders across a group of stocks.

Private portfolio / interest list

Load the ownership interest information your counterparties send to you. Private Portfolios are co-mingled into holders reports.

Powerful search engine

Allows you to target the right institutions, funds and contacts based on your prospecting requirements.


Stock ownership buy-side targeting tools

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