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Equity markets

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Thomson Reuters equity solutions

Make more informed trading decisions in the equity markets with our news and incisive analysis - curated and filtered to focus on the themes, trends, and details that affect your trading portfolio, and give you the clearest view of what's happening around the world.

As part of a complete desktop solution, hosted services, or direct feeds into your applications, Thomson Reuters empowers you to capture, contextualize, and visualize market data and specialized content to gain deeper insights and test new solutions.

Equity Markets

Thomson Reuters Eikon

Thomson Reuters Eikon provides easy access to trusted news, data, and analytics, all filtered by relevance to your exact needs, and displayed in a highly visual way that's easy to grasp and act on.

Eikon’s intuitive data analysis tools help equity traders tackle complex data sets and use quantitative modeling to explore unanticipated opportunities.

A unique and growing suite of trader-focused apps - developed by Thomson Reuters, third-party vendors, and trading organizations on Eikon’s open App Studio platform - let you generate new trade ideas. 

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Thomson Reuters REDI execution management

Thomson Reuters REDI provides buy-side traders and their sell-side partners with an advanced, cross-asset trade management suite that enables them to seamlessly move through the trade life cycle. Available via desktop application, cloud, mobile or API, this integrated workflow solution includes an award-winning execution management system, integrated position management, trade allocations and risk controls, as well as compliance tools and rich analytics functionality.

When REDI is paired with the powerful capabilities of Thomson Reuters Eikon, customers have a valuable platform of information, analytics and news that provide market visibility, communication through Eikon Messenger, and a range of other tools and functionality. In addition, users can connect efficiently to counterparties with Thomson Reuters Autex Trade Route — one of the world’s largest order routing networks.

Order routing

We offer a global FIX-based order-routing network for multiple asset classes, providing buy-side connectivity to brokers.

Thomson Reuters Autex Trade Route is one of the world’s largest global FIX-based order-routing networks, delivering order flow of 40 billion shares per day in equities, options and futures, as well as FX and fixed income trades. Autex Trade Route is resilient and high-speed, with regional POPs in London, the US and Hong Kong.

Autex Indication of Interest (IOI) and Trade Advertisements

Streamline your workflow and improve executions with a broad view of broker liquidity.

Thomson Reuters Eikon brings together Autex IOI and Trade Advertisements from global brokers alongside powerful pre-trade decision support, trusted Reuters news, market data, and analytics tools, filtered by your precise needs.

Improve the speed and efficiency of your trade execution by receiving IOI alerts on the symbols in your quote lists, and by highlighting the brokers that are most active in each stock. Monitor and view broker liquidity and activity, including indications, advertisements, and broker rankings for the stocks that you are active in.


Thomson Reuters BlockDATA is a comprehensive Autex solution that ranks brokers based on trading activity by advertised volume in selected stocks, markets, industries, or by user defined custom portfolios. With data for 144,000 equities securities going back to early 2009, the sell-side is able to market their firm’s trading prowess in specific securities, industries or markets while the buy-side increases their knowledge of the trading environment and major market players.


StreetSight stock ownership and profile content offers you the industry-standard buy-side targeting tools.

Get broad, deep and accurate global coverage, with over 147,000 global contacts, detailed profiles of more than 17,000 institutions, and covering in excess of 50,000 funds.