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Oil tanker
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Commodity market solutions: Profitable insight in the agriculture, energy and metals markets

With comprehensive coverage of the commodity markets, our unique insight enables you to grasp not just where the market is, but where it is likely to go.

From news to analysis, from fundamentals to forecasts, we bring together the world’s most relevant, timely and accurate commodities market solutions in a number of intuitive, easy-to-use formats. 

The Reuters News team of more than 220 seasoned commodity journalists regularly report the key stories that impact prices first, enabling you to take action before markets move. 

Our deep relationships with traders, producers, policy makers and government officials, built on a long history covering commodities markets, mean we break frequent exclusives.

Identify the opportunities, spot the risks, and act with confidence with Thomson Reuters.

Thomson Reuters Eikon

  • Complete package for successful commodity market analysis and trading.
  • Benefit from unique insight in the metals, energy and agriculture markets.
  • Relevant information in more usable forms, more quickly – delivered via the industry’s most intuitive and flexible user interface.

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  • Delivers key information from multiple sources, suppliers, and geographies via one data feed in a standardized format. 
  • Reliable, current and easy to work with, it covers everything that could affect energy and agriculture production, supply and transportation, fundamentals and market price data to weather development to vessel flows.

Eikon Messenger

  • Instant communications with over 300,000 financial professionals around the globe.
  • Share live data, charts, analytics and benefits from editorially moderated news forums and discussion rooms covering key commodity market issues and trends.

Commodity Indices

  • Global, cross-asset provider of indices for all your performance measurement and investment needs. 
  • Gives you the competitive advantage by avoiding the usage restrictions and pricing complexities imposed by other index providers.

Thomson Reuters Elektron

  • A suite of data and trading propositions, including low latency feeds along with the analytics, enterprise platform and transactional connectivity to support any workflow application.
  • Through its core capabilities, Elektron powers Thomson Reuters Eikon, bringing our global infrastructure to financial professionals, wherever they are and whatever their role.

Russian Petroleum Investor and Caspian Investor

  • Insider coverage and analysis of the Russian/Eurasian oil and gas markets.
  • Written by local experts and produced by an experienced team of in-country experts, analysts and journalists, these publications go beyond the headlines. 
  • Understand how regional developments in Russia and countries of Central Asia and around the Caspian Sea will impact your business in this dynamic market.

Commodity markets - Unique insight in the metals, energy and agriculture markets

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