Asset Management Solutions


Asset Management Solutions

With solutions that span investing, trading, data management and compliance, only Thomson Reuters can give you the edge to grow your AUM.

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Helping you address your needs

Find sources of alpha with high-quality, trusted content sets

Immediately access best-in-class content so you can analyze securities thoroughly, generate investment ideas and search for sources of alpha.

Our content is easily accessible in the Eikon desktop platform or via Thomson Reuters data feeds.

Company data – An array of information for your most important investment decisions, built on decades of collection and quality management experience

Market data – Market data that is both deep and wide, serving financial institutions around the world through our sophisticated products and services

Pricing data – Using consistent and transparent pricing methodologies, our robust data incorporate bonds and stocks, and the largest source of equity-related content

Reference data – Comprehensive reference data, fitting virtually any enterprise or application data requirement

Economic data – From macro data to micro detail, our collection of global economic content has a clear emphasis on factors that affect global financial market performance

News and commentary – Breaking financial market news, market-moving exclusives, investigative reports and insights from Reuters and leading third-party sources

Quantitative models and analytics – Grounded in sound economic intuition and backed by rigorous analysis, our robust StarMine models span sectors, regions, and markets

Fund data – Benefit from Lipper content and research, to power everything from benchmarking to performance management and marketing

Solve the MiFID II research unbundling challenge

We provide a full suite of capabilities to help you implement an efficient process that addresses this challenge.

We also offer a real-time research collection, established in the 1980s, which aggregates reports from nearly 1,300 actively contributing providers from 87 countries around the globe.

We can help you:

  • Objectively assess sell-side analyst quality
  • Manage entitlements to external research
  • Improve research discovery to uncover insights faster
  • Effectively evaluate your firm’s analysts
  • Create a research valuation framework including readership tracking
  • Stay informed on corporate access events
  • Carry out a systematic (qualitative and quantitative) broker vote

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Increase research productivity

Enhance productivity across the entire research workflow.

  • Share – Load and tag your research onto Eikon, or access via an API and integrate your content into internal portals
  • Centralize – Access and analyze all the internal and external research content you need, in one location
  • Create – Store recommendations forecasts with supporting evidence. Tag the people, places, facts, and events in your content to increase its value, accessibility, and interoperability
  • Consume – Compare and screen your data, and get instant notifications when new content is published
  • Measure – Analyze internal and external usage; ensure you get the best value; and get an aggregated view of all sell-side touchpoints (research, analyst calls, corporate access events, etc.), and a MiFID II-compliant resource tracking and broker vote solution*

* Thomson Reuters and partner solution

Generate investment ideas and simplify the back-testing process

Data sets and charting tools

Use unique data sets and charting tools to enhance your investment process.

All are easily accessible in the Eikon desktop platform or via Thomson Reuters data feeds, and include:

Simplify the back-testing process

Construct, validate and customize multi-factor investment strategies using QA Point, our new intuitive point-and-click Quant Analytics interface – in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional quant tools.

QA Point is a cloud-based application, so you can get up and running super-fast.

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Strengthen your quantitative research and modeling capabilities

Harness all key Thomson Reuters content sets by using our quantitative research management solution for:

  • One normalized database
  • Flexible access / links to all key statistical and portfolio optimization software packages

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Drive distribution and sales

Turn ideas into action, manage risk, and market funds, relying on Lipper content and help support sales and marketing to position funds in the market place.

Knowledge Direct API enables you to incorporate financial market data within applications for display purposes, whether internal or for redistribution.

The clearly defined methodology and finely tuned classification system make it a superior source for peer performance fund data.

We provide portal information in multiple formats, ready to use as is or to be completely customized.

Data is delivered through standard web services or dedicated IP connectivity.

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Asset management solutions

Asset management solutions to enhance productivity across the entire research workflow

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