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Delivering best-in-class financial tools, macro research and market data across university campuses all over the world.

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A student uses her laptop computer on the steps to Memorial Church at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts
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For decades, we’ve been helping students, faculty, researchers and librarians to do their best work.

Today, more than ever, universities need to attract the best students – and ensure they’re ready for the real world. Thomson Reuters helps on both fronts.

We have a long and successful track record of supporting colleges and universities with state-of-the-art tools that turn financial learners into future financial leaders.

Odds are that somewhere on your campus, someone is working through a problem set for a valuation course, developing an innovative economic model, or building a computational financial simulation that will end up in peer review. And right now, that someone requires the most global, comprehensive, and accurate data available.

Professors use our data, analytics and financial content to fuel and distinguish their own research. Students get hands-on training and mastery of the same tools and products used by their future employers, including Eikon, Datastream, Tick History and more.


Crucial content for university libraries

With the industry’s broadest and deepest content coverage, Thomson Reuters is the leading source of financial information, globally – making us the indispensable choice for universities undertaking research and offering courses in capital markets and banking.

The names you trust – I/B/E/S, SDC Platinum, Datastream, Investext, Worldscope, First Call, Lipper, StreetEvents, StarMine, Point Carbon, ASSET4, Reuters News – are the go-to resources for students, faculty, and researchers alike.

Our high-quality content doesn’t stop there. Eikon is packed with data on everything from M&A deals and time series price data to weather-based market movements to supply chains and more.

Thomson Reuters Eikon

Whether you are a student or faculty member, Thomson Reuters Eikon is an ideal desktop for doing your best work. With its open, app-based design and highly graphic interface, Eikon delivers immediate, intuitive access to everything you need for research and learning – data, liquidity, trading venues and people – all visible on a single screen or for export to Microsoft Office.

Plus, there are no special codes or keystrokes to memorize. Instead, an intelligent search means you simply type the way you talk and get highly relevant results pulled simultaneously from multiple sources. All displayed graphically, so it’s easy to grasp and act on.

Eikon for students, hit the ground running (1:48)

Thomson Reuters Datastream

Thomson Reuters Datastream is the world’s number one tool for macroeconomic analysis.

Access the same cross-asset content tools and analytics used by leading financial professionals, and bring the real world to the classroom with the standard for macro and cross-asset financial databases.

With Thomson Reuters Datastream, you and your students can develop sophisticated financial and economic models with full Excel integration.

Whether you’re making a real difference for your students, providing a real resource for the library, or making a real contribution to the scholarly literature, Datastream can help.

Thomson Reuters Tick History

The easiest way to access, import and use tick-by-tick price data for your financial research. Whether you are building market volatility, financial econometrics, or algorithmic models, you can depend on Thomson Reuters Tick History for nearly 20 years of global tick data, spanning all asset classes and over 400 exchanges.

Machine Readable News

Thomson Reuters Machine Readable News is the industry's most advanced service for automating the consumption and systematic analysis of news and economic data.

QA Direct

QA Direct is a market leading normalized database for quantitative research. It provides access to a huge range of normalized and standardized content ready for use out of the box for quantitative analysis from Reuters Fundamentals and I/B/E/S Estimates, to Datastream macroeconomics, to content from Standard & Poor’s, MSCI, Russell, and Dow Jones.

This data can be accessed through a range of tools including state-of-the-art visualization and analysis tools' vendors such as Palantir (QA Studio) and Matlab and our own advanced Market QA tools.

Thomson Reuters Elektron

Elektron Real-time distributes low-latency data from over 400 exchange-traded and OTC markets to feed trading and investment applications including systematic and algorithmic trading engines. Available via a VPN connection.

Enterprise Platform is a scalable and robust technology platform that allows financial institutions to integrate data from any source, enrich and validate that data, create proprietary prices, analytics and other content, and feed all that content into an application.

ReplayService reproduces real market data conditions so that developers can test and analyze their applications. Like a digital video recorder, ReplayService lets you pause, fast-forward, rewind and single step through recorded market data.