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With Developer Community, you won't just be joining a global network of over 20,000 developers. You'll also have access to a huge source of capabilities, interactive information, learning materials, tools, and events that help support the practices and ecosystem you need to respond to today's business challenges.

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Our Developer Community gives you what you need to develop, test, and publish applications that consume relevant content and analytics.

Tap into a global ecosystem amongst customers, partners and Thomson Reuters for a source of extensive value, to fuel innovation on our Open Platform.

Selected API highlights

Tick history

  • 500+ exchanges and third-party contributor data covered
  • 2 petabytes of nanosecond, time-stamped tick data to Jan 1996

Elektron Real Time

  • 5M+ priced updates per second
  • 4 milliseconds latency in the same metro area
  • 60M+ instruments covered

World Check risk intelligence

  • 240 countries and territories covered
  • 530+ sanctions, watch and regulatory law and enforcement lists covered
  • 200+ research analysts covering all regions

Thomson Reuters Eikon

  • 70M price points snapped daily
  • 2000+ interbank and broker sources
  • 4.25M economic time series covering 118 markets

Open architecture

  • One of the largest third-party developer communities
  • Open Source extensible APIs
  • 50,000+ applications