In an industry where seconds and milliseconds matter, Thomson Reuters Eikon ensures you have access to the breaking news and financial content you need to seize new opportunities first, no matter where you are when they occur.

    Content and features

    Know what’s happening - always

    Alerts help you see – and seize – profitable opportunities ahead of your competitors. This powerful function lets you customize alerts on stocks, hedge funds, foreign exchange and more.

    Instant access to streaming prices

    Using the most current and accurate pricing data is key to driving profits – which is exactly what Eikon delivers. It gives you access to a huge range of streaming prices for multiple assets.

    Market-moving reporting and commentary

    Reuters goes beyond breaking news, offering insight and depth that drive better financial decisions. Be the first to know, and act on, key economic news, political events and even weather reports.


    Technical specs

    Everything you need for downloading Thomson Reuters Eikon onto your computer or hand-held device