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    Be the first to hear it, see it, know it and use it. Our financial market analysis content helps you discover profitable opportunities first, including in emerging markets and new instruments. Filtered to your precise needs, and integrated in a single, intuitive and easy-to-use desktop and mobile solution: Thomson Reuters Eikon.

    Content & Analytics

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      Pricing data

      Instant access to streaming prices for multiple assets - from global sources.

      More about pricing data

      A single source for pricing

      Using the most current and accurate pricing data is key to driving profits – which is exactly what Eikon delivers. It gives you access to a huge range of streaming prices for multiple assets, derived from exchanges, brokers and specialists around the globe.

      • 70 million price points snapped daily
      • 1,500 spot prices and cross rates for over 162 currency pairs
      • 2000+ interbank and broker sources
      • Up to 25 years of intraday time series data
      • Fixed income pricing from ICAP, Tradeweb, TRACE

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      Learn exactly what you need to know about more than 70,000 companies worldwide.

      More about research

      Unique insights in a click

      Whether you’re in the equity or fixed-income market, you have access to best-in-class research and broker data. It’s another way that Thomson Reuters Eikon helps you make better choices and drive more profitable decisions – for you and your clients.

      In a click, you can search over 25 million documents covering 70,000 global companies, and quickly find investment research results. Beyond sheer quantity is pure quality – the deep wealth of information is provided by over 900 active contributors.

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      Be first in line for market-moving reporting and commentary from Reuters.

      More about news

      Know first, act first

      Reuters goes beyond breaking news, offering insight and depth that drive better financial decisions. Be the first to know – and act on – key economic news, political events and even weather developments across the globe.

      This powerful news-gathering operation includes more than 2600 full-time journalists in 200 bureaus. Our columnists give you in-depth commentary and analysis on market news, often challenging conventional wisdom.

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    • Market analysis and estimates on Eikon


      Get the broadest coverage, plus our own proven method for predictive analytics.

      More about estimates

      Estimates without the guesswork


      With a breadth of coverage not found anywhere else, I/B/E/S sets the standard for financial estimates with analyst detail, consensus and aggregates data:

      • Content from 1200 contributors
      • History back to 1976
      • Unique company and industry metrics
      • 22,000 companies across 87 countries
      • Emerging markets content

      StarMine SmartEstimates

      Gain the advantage with smarter market estimates. This predictive analytics program ranks each analyst’s performance based on a unique, patented method. 

      Market analysis and estimates on Eikon
    • Eikon fundamentals screen shot


      Know where a company stands against its peers and its own past performance.

      More about fundamentals

      Fundamentally better

      Viewing company financials in context of history and market coverage puts current financials in perspective, especially if compared to peers and the company's own performance over time.

      Follow a new market or benchmark against an entire market – you’re a step ahead with the best fundamental stock analysis data:

      • 167 exchanges in 123 countries (99% of total global market capitalization)
      • 54,500 active companies and 22,500 inactive companies

      Historical data going back to 1980 for many markets

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    • Eikon charting and market analysis


      Visualize your data and see where your best opportunities are at a glance.

      More about charts

      Visualize, analyze, capitalize

      Eikon is revolutionizing the way you view and use data. Our powerful charting tools help you quickly grasp and act on large amounts of information.

      Charts are seamlessly integrated with search and other core capabilities, giving you desktop and mobile access to unique analysis and functionality faster than ever before:

      • Wide range of predefined options
      • Content sets are charted in one place
      • A unique view of events
      • Formulas that can be entered directly in the chart
      • Backtesting and optimization
      Sign up to a newsletter full of insightful charts and expert tips from Cornelius Luca, Charts Product Manager.

      Eikon charting and market analysis


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      Ask a question and get rich, highly relevant answers on which you can act.

      More about search

      An answer box. Not a search box.

      Pinpoint the information you need, quickly and easily.

      Our proprietary Natural Language search engine delivers the best of both worlds:

      • Ask a simple question and get a rich, relevant result with data, analytics, news, research and more
      • Answers are presented visually so they’re easy to understand and act on
      • Action links make it easy to move to the next step in your workflow

      Autosuggest gives you instant feedback as you type, so you don’t need to memorize company codes and other technical data.

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      Be the first to know what’s happening in your markets.

      More about alerts

      Be first to know, first to act

      Alerts help you see – and seize – profitable opportunities ahead of your competitors. This powerful function lets you customize alerts on stocks, hedge funds, foreign exchange and more.

      Be the first to know of market-moving developments in the companies and assets that matter to you. Know when prices change, market research is released, corporations file their earnings and more. It doesn’t matter where you are – alerts can go to your desktop, mobile or email, even when you are logged out of Eikon.

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    • Eikon trading screen shot


      Seize the opportunities you uncover, quickly and intuitively.

      More about trading

      More venues and sources of liquidity

      Thomson Reuters Eikon puts you in direct contact with more venues and liquidity pools than any other provider. For stock trading, fixed income trades and more, you need the right tools to make the most profitable deals quickly and intuitively.

      Gain access to Thomson Reuters Autex Trade Route, the world’s largest broker-neutral network, through our FX Trading multi-bank portal, and to Tradeweb, the most liquid global market for fixed income and derivatives.

      Eikon trading screen shot
    • Eikon iPad app


      Anywhere, anytime access on your phone or tablet.

      More about mobile

      Mobile apps for market analysis

      In an industry where seconds and milliseconds matter, Thomson Reuters Eikon ensures you have access to the breaking news and financial content you need to seize new opportunities first, no matter where you are when they occur.

      The app is synced with your Eikon desktop, and includes:

      • Immediate access to Reuters news and events
      • Alerts to ensure you never miss a thing
      • Mobile briefcase to save reports for offline reading


      Eikon mobile apps
    • Eikon Google Chrome extension

      Google Chrome extension

      Access Eikon content and capabilities easily through Google Chrome.

      More about the extension

      Seamless. Powerful.

      Stay close to Eikon content and capabilities while you browse the Internet using the Google Chrome SmartMenu. Define a personalized list of shortcuts to your favorite content sets and search Eikon directly via the Google Chrome search bar or by right clicking some highlighted text. The powerful “analyze this” capability lets you scan a webpage and extract related content from Eikon for company, industry, country and people profiles.

      Eikon Google Chrome extension