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Free, secure and instant financial messaging for professionals

Use Eikon Messenger to exchange real-time data with your contacts (1:17)

Eikon Messenger gives you access to the world’s largest verified directory of financial market participants via the federated messaging network.

Collaborate directly from your Eikon desktop or mobile with more than 250,000 traders, brokers, analysts and more – no matter what desktop or network they use.

Greater Flexibility and Enhanced Compliance Controls

The new Bilateral Chat functionality enables users to create persistent conversations that are systematically limited to a maximum of two companies at one time.  And, with enhanced compliance controls, you can be confident that all chats created are secure and fully compliant.

Bilateral Chat is available exclusively for our Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger customers.

Building your buyside network

The finance industry’s most open and connected collaboration tool, Eikon Messenger is open to any participant in the financial markets, giving you access to the world’s largest open directory of financial professionals including over 28,000 users from the buy-side and corporate entities across more than 120 countries worldwide.

With Eikon Messenger, you have access to financial messaging with a searchable directory of professionals that extends across multiple platforms and networks – from in-house messaging networks based on Microsoft Lync and IBM Sametime, to public chat tools such as Yahoo and AOL. And by using Eikon Messenger within Thomson Reuters Eikon, you can do much more than just message – you can also share live data, charts and analytics with your contacts.


The professional community is moving from Yahoo - don’t get left behind

Thomson Reuters urges any customers in financial services that are subject to records retention and review requirements to migrate to Eikon Messenger.

Eikon Messenger is the only free instant messaging service designed for financial service professionals, and is the go-to destination for clients who require a feature-rich, secure, compliant environment to conduct business communications.

Accessing Yahoo from Eikon Messenger (6:07)

Bilateral Chat - Making it easier for you to do business whilst maintaining the highest standards of compliance

The new Bilateral Chat functionality within Eikon Messenger gives users the flexibility to create a conversation between up to two companies in a fully secure and compliant environment.  This reduces administrative burden, improving efficiency whilst also giving you complete confidence that all conversations are conducted in the most compliant way.
Bilateral chat on Eikon Messenger (2:25)

Thomson Reuters Messenger Compliance helps you meet regulatory requirements and manage business risk

Our suite of compliance solutions enable you to set policies that regulate the behaviour of Thomson Reuters Messenger users at your firm; capture all content generated by those users and access the data via our hosted archiving service or via a feed for import into your incumbent archive environment.
Compliance solutions for your messaging platform (2:16)

A trusted, secure and auditable solution

Thomson Reuters recently partnered with the New York Times to explore the issues that the industry still faces in its quest to regain trust.

If financial institutions are to avoid further erosion of trust, it’s necessary to address instant messaging security. Eikon Messenger provides a single instant messaging solution that’s flexible and open enough for everyone in the industry to use. It is customizable according to a firm’s security needs, so traders can be restricted from messaging other departments or competing firms. The open architecture means that the system is fully auditable – it’s always possible to find who is saying what.

Trust Eikon Messenger - Helping companies to manage compliance (2:19)

Get the insights on events that move markets

Messenger is your gateway into a number of by-invitation chat groups for specific assets and markets, each moderated and curated by expert Reuters journalists.

Breaking news reaches chat groups first, giving you a head start on market moves and what it all means. You will receive an overnight summary email and preview of news and events that will affect the market the next day.

The financial messaging solution