Thomson Reuters Elektron

    A suite of data and trading capabilities that power the enterprise and connect global markets.

    • Elektron video 2:51 A short overview of capabilities

    Elektron: powering financial applications

    Open by design. Powering any workflow.

    Through its core capabilities, Thomson Reuters Elektron supports any financial workflow and is also the power behind Thomson Reuters Eikon, the most innovative desktop and mobile financial application in the world.

    This brings our global infrastructure to the fingertips of financial professionals, wherever they are and whatever their role.

    Together, these serve both the enterprise and the individual, providing effective market analysis and uncovering unique actionable insights through desktop or server APIs, proprietary or third-party development.

    Whatever your requirements, we’ll fit them.

    Thomson Reuters Elektron Overview Video
    Eikon video 0:43 See Eikon in action.