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We provide the most comprehensive reference data to the global financial and investment management community.

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Flexible, broad – content you need

Thomson Reuters is an originator, consolidator and value-add re-distributor of security and financial instrument data with hundreds of sources and partners.

The flexibility and breadth of our coverage fits virtually any enterprise or application data requirement, giving you the content you need.

Our highly experienced data professionals are located all around the world. Whether securities and investment instrument reference data, terms and conditions or pricing, we deliver the most accurate, robust information through Thomson Reuters DataScope.

We continually monitor data quality metrics that track accuracy, timeliness and completeness, and use the findings to improve our workflow and data capture processes. 

Thomson Reuters Permanent Identifier

The Thomson Reuters Permanent Identifier – or PermID – helps customers and partners handle data management challenges, eliminate mapping inconsistencies, reduce operational risk, and streamline end-to-end workflow processes across various platforms.

Markets and industries

Asset management

A truly global solution for the global financial and investment management community, including robust fixed-income coverage and expertise in equities.

Thomson Reuters Reference Data

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