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Thomson Reuters Indices is a global, cross-asset provider of indices, for all your performance measurement and investment needs.

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REUTERS/Thomas Peter
REUTERS/Thomas Peter

Decades of global indexing experience, and fully supporting IOSCO’s approach.

Thomson Reuters has been calculating indices for over 30 years. We are uniquely positioned to construct, calculate and distribute indices using an unrivalled amount of cross-asset proprietary content and data.

Whether you require indices for benchmarking, for the development of investment vehicles or custom index services, we provide a range of indices and index solutions to meet your needs precisely. With fewer limitations, our indices avoid the usage restrictions and pricing complexities imposed by traditional providers.

We support fully IOSCO’s approach, which applies a common set of principles across all jurisdictions, and we have been working to ensure full observance of these principles across all benchmarks that we administer.


Thomson Reuters Smart Indices

Thomson Reuters Smart Indices replicate proven quantitative strategies. The well-constructed, rules-based benchmarks are designed to outperform core investments.

Custom Indices

Customize existing Thomson Reuters Indices quickly and economically, or develop entirely new indices from scratch using unique and value added content from Thomson Reuters such as StarMine Models, I/B/E/S Estimates or environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings.

Global Equity Indices

Covering over 10,000 stocks from 51 countries, Thomson Reuters Global Equity Indices allow you to analyze and compare developed, emerging and select frontier markets at varying levels of granularity.

Sector indices are powered by Thomson Reuters Business Classification (TRBC) the most comprehensive, detailed and up to date sector and industry classification available.

Convertible Indices

Thomson Reuters Convertible Indices, previously known as UBS Convertible Indices, are a result of 15 years’ convertible bond indexing and pricing experience. The indices are the most widely used and accepted benchmarks for measuring the performance of convertible bond investments.

Fixed Income Indices

With over 20 years of bond index experience, providing global sovereign bond indices covering 28 developed and 8 emerging markets, corporate bond indices for Canada, Singapore and Malaysia.

CRB Commodity Indices

The world’s first commodity index, initiated by the Commodity Research Bureau in 1957. Based on single or up to 19 commodity futures, with various weighting options.

Thematic Indices

Equity indices focusing on real estate markets, ESG, Shariah compliance and commodity exposure to meet the needs of investors with thematic mandates. Alternatively, use Thomson Reuters Business Classification (TRBC), the industry’s first five-tier classification system, to build custom indices for themes such as luxury, infrastructure and clean tech.

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Indices

Gain richer, differentiated insight into company performance beyond traditional financial metrics with Thomson Reuters Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Index. Our index a composite of metrics collected from public information sources that define diverse and inclusive workplaces and help identify the long-term opportunities and risks.

Thomson Reuters Business Classification (TRBC)

Get the most comprehensive, detailed and up to date sector and industry classification available with TRBC.