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Make better investment decisions and create differentiated strategies with Lipper, the world’s leading source of trusted, independent mutual data for fund research.

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The preeminent and most trusted provider of independent fund research.

With over 40 years’ experience, Lipper is crucial for fund research – driving growth, revealing opportunity and maximizing performance across your portfolio.

We help you with fund research – and evaluate fund performance – through graphical tools and expert analysis that reveal opportunities, risks, trends and threats. 

Whether you’re managing a mutual fund, retirement/pension fund, hedge fund or other collective investment, our flexible, comprehensive solutions enable you to focus on maximizing profits while improving transparency, mitigating risk and reducing cost.

Lipper Fund Data

Lipper for Investment Management

Get the content, analytics and reporting capabilities needed for meaningful fund management. Make comparisons, identify opportunities and define positioning strategies.

Lipper for Global Fund Flows

Get critical insight on mutual fund money flow trends. Lipper fund flows give you industry leading functionality and coverage. View estimated net flows globally on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Lipper US Fund Flows Information

Get mutual fund performance and the most comprehensive data available on institutional investing trends with Lipper US Fund Flows.

Lipper Global Data Feed

Global investment fund data in an easy-to-integrate format, Lipper Global Data Feed is designed to enable your business to efficiently integrate and deliver more investment fund content.

Lipper Investment Profiles

With Investment Profiles you get a faster, more accurate and cost-effective way to produce fund performance and ETF profile reports for investors, retirement plan participants, advisors and regulators.